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    As said by IFL science

    Cameron Drake of San Francisco has created a collection of magnificent images showing joints in motion. He was aided by orthopedic physician Dr. Noah Weiss and the finished product is completely amazing. If you’d like to know more about the project, please check out Drake’s blog.

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tsukishima: i bow for no one

Tsukki: i cry for no one



    tsukishima: i bow for no one

    Tsukki: i cry for no one

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  • icecreambat:

    i would just like to immortalize this moment as the one where i sit here, once again, kicking and screaming about how much i love tachibana fucking makoto.

    i fell madly in love with this dumbass here:


    but after tonight, i want to build him a fucking shrine.

    because in the light of episode 11, i’m even willing to forgive everything about episode 5, since it served to pave way to how much makoto normally detests direct confrontation, and how much he values giving people their space and respecting their choices. all of that is embodied in no-one as much as his best friend – the person makoto has supported since forever, always trusting haruka to make the right choices for himself. while no relationship is ever perfect, i don’t think anyone can deny that makoto has always been an incredible, wonderful friend, with the patience of nothing short of a saint.

    but this?


    this is so fucking important, not only because it takes immense courage to confront someone like that to begin with, but because of how much courage it must have taken makoto. he’s saying what everyone else has been saying all along, but it’s different – it’s different because it’s makoto, who not only isn’t used to screaming at people, but also knows exactly what he has to lose.

    by confronting haruka, he risks facing individual consequence.

    by confronting haruka, he risks making a stand he might come to regret.

    by confronting haruka, he risks “betraying” haruka’s trust*;

    but the point of it all is that he does it anyway, because the alternative –of haru continuing to live a life without a future, without a dream of his own– is simply not an option he can live with.

    It’s not about whether haruka will go pro or not. It’s not about what he ultimately comes to choose. It’s about having to confront the fact that the life he has lived for 18 years is no longer enough to last him in the real world, and as much as makoto will always, always be there to support him, haruka cannot take advantage of other people’s blind faith in him anymore to get by.

    and it breaks my heart because makoto’s making a stand for himself and for haruka simultaneously, and because their relationship is so important to me i want to bury myself 6 feet underground before i stop wanting to irrationally flail about it. it has always been important, of course; but this season, i think out of all the characters, it’s makoto who’s forced haruka to confront what it really means to finally grow up.

    *by this, i mean from haruka’s perspective – the betrayal of feeling like the one person you thought you could trust to take your side suddenly doesn’t, driven home even further by makoto’s choice to move to tokyo.

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sometimes you just collapse under weight of expectations


    sometimes you just collapse under weight of expectations

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    HARURINALIA: The Movie (2020) - (Un)Official Trailer

    Inspired by pushpulldynamics' lovely post

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    *japanese lady voice* kono bangumi wa. goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu.

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    hello, this is an obligatory dbz/harry potter au

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    Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

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    I realized something really lovely.

    looks like someone likes aliens.

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